The Goal

Participate in 100 service projects in countries around the world. 

It’s pretty simple, really. Take our family of five into communities around the globe to experience different cultures and complete 100 acts of service while we’re there. Okay, it’s not simple at all, now that we think about it, but we’re doing it anyway.

The Reason

  1. To give our girls a unique learning experience that will impact them for the rest of their lives
  2. To show families that international service trip not only can be done, but are worth the time and money invested in them.
  3. To find a family balance rooted in shared cultural and service-oriented experiences

The Route

You tell us! We want input on where we should go and the contributions we should make in the communities we visit. Send us your ideas and local connections in cities around the world. We know we’re starting in Europe and will fly into Norway on May 14. We’ll also be spending time in Andorra with family there. Other than that, this trip is still wide open and we are open to suggestions.

The Reward