The Family

Meet the Carisches

Brian, Tracey, Emily, Liv and Alison Carisch – that’s us. Brian and I met while attending Indiana University. We were opposites that attracted. There I was worrying about my GPA and taking on activities that would enhance my resume when one day the tall guy that just walked into class carrying a wakeboard and wearing wet trunks sat down next to me. It was the classic modern day love story – group project members turned into hanging out at bars which led to a wild fraternity dance and the rest was history. Romantic, right?

After college I took a big girl job while Brian made fake snow on the slopes in Jackson Hole for a season. We met up in Salt Lake City and stayed there for 7 years, keeping  ourselves busy camping, climbing, getting married, adopting a dog, buying a house then, most importantly having our first little girl, Emily.

When we started talking about having a second child we realized we were spending all of our vacation time and money flying from Salt Lake City to exciting places like Effingham, IL  and Indianapolis, IN to show the kid her grandparents. That’s when we (or maybe I) decided that we needed to get closer to our family in the Midwest while we were raising little kids.

We picked Chattanooga and it turned out to be a great choice for us. It’s an up and coming town situated on a beautiful river and driven by thriving outdoor and art communities.Brian used his programming skills to become an entrepreneur and enjoy the freedom of being self-employed. I took on roles in the local nonprofit world. In the 8.5 years we lived in Chattanooga we added Liv and then Alison to our family. Our girls are all 2.5 years apart, so in base you that haven’t done the math yet, that means that in the not too distant future we will be living with 3 teenage girls.

We’re a typical American family embarking on a rather atypical international adventure.


Tracey cropped (2)The mom. The wife. The writer.

The Dad. The Husband. The Follower of Fun.



Oldest sister.