Feeling a Twinge

It starts as the periodic fleeting thought. It pops into the mind at random moments – standing in line at the grocery store, herding the kids into the minivan for school, sitting in front of my office computer. It’s just a nagging little question sitting in the back of my brain, waiting for me to give it some attention. What would happen if we just walked away from all of this? It comes and goes and then comes again. Lately it’s been coming more and more often.  

It seems crazy, right? Two professional parents and three young children just taking off like college graduates on a backpacking adventure. Is it crazy, though, or is it really finding sanity? Maybe it would be finally finding the balance that seems so lacking in our modern world. We could make the choice to sell everything that doesn’t really matter, put the few things that do matter in storage and then wander away from it all for a while. Wander away from a society focused on the constant accumulation of material stuff and walk into new, unknown countries where we don’t speak the language and we can’t run to Target to fill every need and fix every discomfort. We could shed the burden of mortgages and utility bills and car maintenance. Leave behind monotonous daily routines and trade them in for the exciting uncertainty that comes with the being in a new space and learning what the world looks like from there. What would a life of true freedom actually look like? Would we like it? Would we hate it? Would our westernized mode of thinking keep us striving for more more more even when presented with the opportunity to just “be”?

These are the questions my husband and I have been seriously discussing after the kids are tucked into bed. We’re contemplating giving it all up. Maybe not forever, but at least for a while. This would be the ultimate yuppie experiment. Release the domesticated, overindulged beasts into the wild and see how they fare. It’s on the table…

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