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The Thing About Stuff

When you know you’re going to put all of your belongings into storage for an undetermined amount of time and then will eventually have to pay to move them across the country, you start questioning what really needs to belong to you. Do I really need to own those cute shoes that I bought on […]

I Spoke Too Soon

Well, our adventure got a small extension. When we got to Barcelona airport bright and early on July 21st, we had no idea that a scheduled strike of the French air traffic controllers union was taking place that day. We were quickly informed that we would most certainly be missing our connecting flight in London […]

Europe Comes to an End

Well, this will be my last blog post from this trip. We fly out tomorrow and will be back in Chattanooga in time for bed. It’s been an amazing couple of months for the Carisch crew. When we landed in Barcelona back in May, we had no idea how perfectly this whole adventure would come […]